This is my fanfic, Cassandra and the CCB! I have not put down the characters yet because we are missing some brawlers with certain attributes, example, we don't have a main subterra brawler yet, although we have a summary! As you can tell, this combines bakugan with greek mythology. It also has a little pokemon in it. It also has the pepper grinder from the american mcgee's alice games.

All her life, Cassandra Higgs has always been an omega. She's weak, she's dumb in her mind. "who would like an autistic girl like me?" she wonders to herself. However, she has a tragic history: She's the reincarnation of a trojan princess with a cursed gift: nobody believes her predictions of the future, and almost everybody hates her. On her first day as a servant, she foresees a terrible disaster. Bakugan city will get destroyed by greek armies! Terrified, she warns the citizens, who won't believe her. Then, she starts a group of brawlers, and grabs her trustworthy katana, her capture styler, her ability cards, and her beloved guardians, pyrus Dragana and Naga. With her friends by her side, the greek gods and goddesses protecting her, and her master's advice, she will save humanity from Clytemnestra's brutal wrath! Bakugan, brawl!

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