Bakugan : Battle StrikersEdit


Dan and everyone are back from beating the Gundalians, but they are back for revenge along with the Vexos. With the help of the Neathians and Vestals will they be able to save Earth?


Earth BrawlersEdit

Dan Kuso. Bakugan: Strike Dragonoid. Battle Gear: JetKor Striker

Marucho Marakura. Bakugan: Jet Akwimos. Battle Gear: Battle Jet

Runo Misaki. Bakugan: Slash Tigrrera. Battle Gear: Slashor

Shun Kazami. Bakugan: Hurricane Hawktor. Battle Gear: Boost Swayther

Julie Makimoto. Bakugan: Quakix Gorem. Battle Gear: N/A

Alice Gehabich. Bakugan: Omega Hydranoid. Battle Gear: OmegaKor

Chan Lee. Bakugan: Dual Fortress. Battle Gear: Flamanator

Klaus von Hertzen. Bakugan: Atlantis Sirenoid. Battle Gear: AquaKor

Julio Santana. Bakugan: Solar Tentaclear. Battle Gear: Tenta Gear

Komba O' Charlie. Bakugan: Feather Harpus. Battle Gear: Wind Cannons

Billy Gilbert. Bakugan: Hammer Cycloid. Battle Gear: Hammer Arm

Drew Daniels. Bakugan: Lockanoid. Battle Gear: Orion Cannon

Joe Brown. Bakugan: Ultimate Wayvern. Battle Gear: Ultimo Gear


Kieth Clay(Spectra). Bakugan: Helios MK2. Battle Gear: Twin Destructor & Zukanator

Clara Clay. Bakugan: Proto. Battle Gear: Wheelinator

Baron Leltoy. Bakugan: Lumino Nemus. Battle Gear: Shining Lansor

Maron Leltoy. Bakugan: Boost Altair. Battle Gear: Booster

Mira Clay. Bakugan: Flare Wilda. Battle Gear: FlareKor

Ace Grit. Bakugan: Alpha Percival. Battle Gear: Dark Alpha


Linus Claude. Bakugan: Sacred Ziperator. Battle Gear: Sacred Orb

Queen Serena. Bakugan: Bolt Irisca. Battle Gear: Boltor

Fabia Sheen. Bakugan: Mirage Aranaut. Battle Gear: Battle Mirage

Captain Elright. Bakugan: Cyclone Raptorix. Battle Gear: Battle Cyclone

Nina Elright. Bakugan: Super Splight. Battle Gear: Clawcor


Emperor Barodius. Bakugan: Strike Dharak. Battle Gear: AirKor Striker

Gill. Bakugan: Flame Krakix. Battle Gear: Vicer

Stoica. Bakugan: Acid Lythirus. Battle Gear: Acid Razoid

Kazarina. Bakugan: Howl Lumagrowl. Battle Gear: Armored Barias Gear

Airzel. Bakugan: Turbine Strikeflier. Battle Gear: Turbine Striker

Nurzak. Bakugan: Drill Sabator. Battle Gear: Drill Chommpixx

Sid Arcale. Bakugan: Gem Rubanoid. Battle Gear: Gem Destrakon

Lena Isis. Bakugan: Acid Phosphos. Battle Gear: Acid Terrorcrest

Zenet Surrow. Bakugan: Shining Contestir. Battle Gear: Shining Spartablaster

Jesse Glenn. Bakugan: Turbine Plitheon. Battle Gear: Turbine Vilantor Gear

Mason Brown. Bakugan: Drill Avior. Battle Gear: Lashor Striker

Ren Krawler. Bakugan: Forbidden Linehalt. Battle Gear: Boomixx Striker


King Zenoheld. Bakugan: Mecha Farbros. Battle Gear: Assail System

Mylene Pharoah. Bakugan: Jet Macubass. Battle Gear: ABSIDS Gear

Volt Luster. Bakugan: Olympic Boriates. Battle Gear: Olympic Cannon

Lync Volan. Bakugan: Boost Aluze. Battle Gear: Meta Booster

Prince Hydron. Bakugan: Bronze Dryoid. Battle Gear: Bronze Blade

Shadow Prove. Bakugan: MAX Spyder. Battle Gear: MAX Cannon

Chapter 1: Homecoming Brawl!Edit

A portal opens and Dan, Marucho and Shun come out

Runo: Hey Guys!! Welcome back

Shun: Thanks

Julie: So how did it go on Neathia?

Marucho: It went great!! We defeated the Gundalians!

Alice: Thats great! So where is Jake and Fabia?

Dan: Fabia stayed on Neathia and Jake was made a general so he decided to stay

Julie: Kinda sucks that we won't be seeing him again

Shun: Yeah

Alice: I know what will cheer you guys up!

Marucho: So tells us your idea

Alice: A Homecoming Brawl!!

Dan: But me and Drago will beat so easily

Drago: Dan is right

Tigrrera: But we evovled!

Dan, Marucho and Shun: What!!!

Julie: Yeah we've been doing some practise while you guys where gone!

Tigrrera: I'm Haos Slash Tigrrera

Gorem: I'm Subterra Quakix Gorem

Hydranoid: And I'm Darkus Omega Hydranoid

Akwimos: Whoa!! Now its a real challenge bro!!

Hawktor: Time for me and Shun to use our new ninja skills

Runo: Lets start then!

In the arena Dan, Marucho and Shun is on 1 team and Runo, Julie and Alice is on the other

All: Bakugan Brawl!!

Dan: I'm 1st Gate Card Set!!

Runo: I'll go!! Bakugan Brawl! Bakugan Stand!

Tigrrera: Time to get beaten Drago!

(Slash Tigrerra at 900Gs)

(Slash Tigrerra looks like Blade Tigrrera except she got bigger claws)

Dan: Bakugan Brawl!! Bakugan Stand!!

Drago: Pyrus Lumino Dragonoid!

(Drago at 1000Gs)

Runo: Ability Activate! Slash n' Cut

(Slash Tigrrera + 100Gs= 1000Gs)

Tigrrera brings out her claws then attacks Drago

Drago: Arggggghhhhh

Drago jumps away

Dan: Double Ability Activate!! Cross Fire and Lumino Fire!!!!

(Drago + 400Gs= 1400Gs)

Drago shoots out fire and beats Tigrrera

Runo Life Force at 100

Dan: Yes!!

Julie: My turn Gate Card Set!!

Marucho: Bakugan Brawl!! Akwimos Stand!!

(Akwimos at 900Gs)

Akwimos: OOOHHHH Yeah!!

Julie: Lets Go Gorem!! Bakugan Stand!!

(Gorem at 900Gs)

(Gorem looks like a wolf with armor)

Marucho: Ability Activate!! Shadow Claw!!

Akwimos brins out his claw and attacks Gorem

Gorem: Lets go Julie!!

Julie: Ability Activate!! Quakix Wave!!

(Gorem +200Gs= 1100Gs)

Gorem shoots a wave and Akwimos flies back

Marucho: Ability Activate!! Heal Blue!!

(Gorem-200Gs Akwimos+200Gs=1100Gs)

Julie: Gate Card Open!! Subterra Reactor!!

(Gorem +400Gs=1300Gs)

Gorem bites Akwimos and beats him

Marucho life force 300

Shun: Gate Card Set!

Alice: Bakugan Stand!!

(Hydranoid at 900Gs)

(Hawktor at 900Gs)

(Hydranoid has 4 heads)

Shun: Ability Activate!! Ninja Attack Wind Shot!!

Alice: Ability Activate!! Omega Blast!!

An explosion breaks the wall and the Vexos Appear

Zenoheld: Hello Brawlers

Chapter 2: Univited GuestsEdit

Dan: What!!??

Marucho: How are you guys alive!

Zenoheld: Just before the Alternative blew up I made a deal with Hydron

Hydron: The deal was instead of destroying each other we will destroy you!


Mylene: And say hello to our new members

6 new vexos come out

Zenoheld: This is our new Vexos!

3 guys: We are the Mystic Brothers

Jun: I'm Pyrus Jun!

Andrea: I'm Aquos Andrea!

Cal: And I'm Haos Cal!

Dan: Uhhhhh Thats kinda wierd

3 girls: We are the Acient Sisters

Runo: For old grannies you guys look young!

1 girl: Like Acient for Acient Bakugan Dummy!!

Annie: Like we where saying! I'm Ventus Annie!

Cannie: I'm Subterra Cannie!

Nina: And I'm Darkus Nina!

All: We will destroy you!

Marucho: As I recall Volt, Lync and Gus went away so your missing some brawlers

Zenoheld: Well they are standing right there

Volt Lync and Gus step foward

Julie: I thought they where the good guys!

Hydron: Well they were good until we brain washed them!

Shun: What!!

Alice: Now we need to brawl them!

Dan: You are right Alice lets go Drago!!!

All the Vexos jump down

Dan: Gate Card Set!!! Bakugan Brawl!!

Drago: Lets go!!

Everyone sends in there Bakugan

Zenoheld: Get ready to be destroyed!

All the Vexos sends in there Bakugan

Vexos vs. BrawlersEdit

Jun: Meet Pyrus Phoenix!

(Phoenix looks like a big red bird with fire coming out of its wings)

Andrea: Get ready to be destroyed by Aquos Drakon!!

(Drakon looks like a giant blue water dragon)

Cal: You will be blown away by Haos Angeloid!

(Angeloid looks like a mix of Nemus and Angelo)

Annie: C'mon Ventus Griffon

(Griffon just looks like a griffon)

Cannie: Get stomped by Subterra Pyramidas

(Pyramides looks like a giant golem with a pyramid on its back)

Nina: Die by Darkus Demonoid

(Demonoid looks like a demon)

Dan: Lets Brawl!!

Vexos: Acient ability activate!! Mystic Blast!!

The Bakugan shoot out a blast and hits the Brawlers

Runo: I have an idea!

She presses a button on her BakuMeter

BakuMeter: Ready Slashor

Runo: Battle Gear Boost!!!

(Slashor looks like big big claws)

Runo: Battle Gear Ability Activate!! Slashor Slash Combo!!

Tigrrera rapidly hits Angeloid

Dan: Lets Finish them!!

The Brawlers press a button on thier BakuMeter

BakuMeter: Ready Cross Buster. Ready Gigarth. Ready Swayther. Ready OmegaKor

Dan: Ability!! Activate !! Cross Buster Neo!!

Drago shoots a blast and hits Phoenix

Marucho: Ability Activate!! Gigarth Hydrizer

Akwimos Shoots Water out and hits Drakon

Shun: Ability Activate! Swayther Geku!!

Hawktor shoots rapid blasts at Griffon

Julie: Ability Activate!! Quakix Wave!!

Gorem shoots out a wave and hits Pyramides

Alice: Ability Activate!! OmegaKor Dark Impact!!

Hydranoid shoots shadows and hits Demonoid

Zenoheld: Lets go!!

The Vexos runs away

Dan: We beat'em!!

Shun: But was to easy

Dan: What!

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