Bakugan: Battle Dimensions is the fifth season of the Japanese anime television series Bakugan Battle Brawlers. The first arc of the series contains a grand total of 26 episodes, the second also possessing 26 but concluding its events in the first ever full-length Bakugan movie. The series takes place one year after Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge and serves as the American debut of the once Japan-exclusive BakuTech Bakugan.



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Arc OneEdit

The universe is divided in two — the visible world, and the invisible world; the world of the living, and the world of the dead. In the beginning, two god-like creatures named Flare Dragaon and Destroy Munikis were born from an unknown all-powerful force and served as the balance between light and darkness and good and evil. Flare Dragaon and Destroy Munikis were kept apart by the force's radiant energy, but Destroy Munikis began to lust for that power and engaged Flare Dragaon, destroying the force that controlled him. With nothing holding the two god-like creatures back any longer, Flare Dragaon and Destroy Munikis waged a great war, Neathia and Gundalia created in the wake of that climatic battle. When Flare Dragaon finally emerged victorious and took control of the world for himself, Destroy Munikis vanished into the invisible world.

Neathia and Gundalia now existed and continued to develop their own attributes of light and darkness, but becoming the sole ruler of the world did not satisfy Flare Dragaon, who was certain all of the world was destined to die due to a curse laid on it by Destroy Munikis. In order to stop this, Flare Dragaon knew he had to destroy him. But because Destroy Munikis had gone to the invisible world, he could no longer be reached. In order to find the door to the invisible world, Flare Dragaon created a third world known as Vestroia with his will alone and conceived the first two Bakugan. The first was the original Dragonoid, and while it would govern all of Vestroia, its ultimate task was to open the world and find the door to Destroy Munikis.

Next, Flare Dragaon created the original Dharaknoid, but he unknowingly created him exactly in the image of Destroy Munikis. Flare Dragaon thus feared Dharaknoid and gave him no power of his own. Instead, he created Code Eve, and laid on her the duty of protecting him from all who might seek to destroy him. Flare Dragaon also gave Code Eve one special duty: to wake him once the time to battle Destroy Munikis again came. Flare Dragaon then turned to crystal and fell into an endless sleep.

Code Eve wished to expand the world and created many lesser creatures known as Bakugan. Dragonoid wished to protect the world, so he gave life to Neathians and Gundalians. Dharaknoid alone was powerless and could create nothing of his own. He thus tore at his body, letting his blood flow to the Earth and disappeared from the visible world. From his blood sprung humankind, creatures born only to die.

That the visible world would one day be destroyed was no curse, only fate, and if the balance between the visible and invisible worlds were destroyed as the balance between Flare Dragaon and Destroy Munikis had been, the universe itself would collapse. Destroy Munikis could do nothing to stop this fate, as he was being swallowed by the chaos of the invisible world. Just before his last moment, Dharaknoid came to his side.

Destroy Munikis told Dharaknoid he must protect the balance of the world before slipping into the chaos forever. But Dharaknoid didn't know the meaning behind Destroy Munikis's words. He was lonely, but he felt affection towards humans who live only to die. As they died, he smiled and gave them chaos, which the humans called "friendship" and held close to their hearts. Friendship would become their power and link them to Code Eve's lesser Bakugan through something called a "Switch Code," but the humans did not yet know this.

Humans would come to call Dragonoid their all-powerful ruler. Code Eve would be named their protector, and Dharaknoid would be named "death." Because humans held chaos so close to them, the world once again was in balance.

And Flare Dragaon continues sleeping, until the end of forever.

Eons later, one year after the defeat of Mag Mel and Razenoid, as well as the fall of Wiseman and his Nonet Bakugan, the Earth is blessed by a temporary peace. Marucho is hard at work maintaining Bakugan City, Spectra has gone back to Vestal, and Shun has returned to his grandfather's dojo to continue his training and become a Master Ninja now that his previous Guardian Bakugan Jaakor has left him. While Dan and Drago get more than their fair share of action in Bakugan City's intense battles, they take their first step towards a dark destiny when Dan finds himself overcome by a powerful urge one night and steps unknowingly into a portal to the invisible world, where he is now imprisoned. Their friend missing and believed by many to be dead, only Shun and Marucho still believe Dan and Drago are alive and are determined to rescue them.

Chaos ensues when armies of dark Bakugan appear from within the invisible world and start rampaging in Bakugan City, however, and it is only through a convenient appearance by Spectra and his newly evolved Master Helios that Shun and Marucho are able to survive. Spectra and Helios fight the evil Bakugan off while Shun and Marucho evacuate the present civilians, and as if by fate, the two friends each come across a mysterious new Bakugan, Ventus Van Falco and Aquos Saint Aquas, who become their new Guardian Bakugan. Able to brawl again, Shun and Marucho use the powers of their new partners to aid Spectra in defeating the evil invaders once and for all. Believing Bakugan City to finally be safe despite the massive damage it sustained, the Brawlers are amazed when Dan appears before them with Drago on his shoulder after the climatic battle, alive and well as they had believed him to be. Dan tells the Brawlers there is no time for a happy reunion, and he goes on to explain that an invisible dimension of evil is about to consume and merge with theirs, thus reshaping the entire universe, and in order to stop this from happening, they must join him on a quest into the depths of that invisible realm and defeat the monster responsible, a fallen God Bakugan named "Destroy Munikis." The Brawlers agree to help save the world yet again, and Dan uses Drago to open a portal into the invisible realm. As the portal closes around them, the Brawlers have no idea they've just been tricked by an impostor and are being led to their doom.

Meanwhile, the real Dan and Drago fight off armies of dark Bakugan on their own quest to escape the invisible world of pain and despair that imprisons them. When they finally lose all hope and agree to die together in the realm of the afterlife, both are amazed when a strange weapon appears from within Drago in an intense burst of light and attacks with a life of its own. Dan and Drago are told to overcome the weapon's power by a mysterious voice, and when Drago is finally able to tame it, he summons the weapon of his own free will to eliminate an entire army of the dark Bakugan that have been attacking him and Dan throughout their journey. Drago is able to evolve as a reward, and his and Dan's hopes for the future are restored. They traverse the path laid before them until they come across Code Eve, who tells them that they have at last completed their training within the invisible world. She then proceeds to reveal what she claims to be the true story of the history of the Bakugan, one that began long before her creation and documented a legendary battle between two Bakugan with the powers of a god known as Flare Dragaon and Destroy Munikis. Code Eve states that history is soon to repeat itself when Destroy Munikis and Dragaon awaken once more to again do battle, and it is Dan and Drago's own actions during that final encounter that will determine which God Bakugan emerges victorious. She explains that if Destroy Munikis is victorious the universe will be forever plunged into a world of darkness with him as its ruler, and only if Flare Dragaon wins a second time will the world remain in a realm of light. When Dan and Drago ask why Code Eve cannot simply use her own divine powers to stop the war between Flare Dragaon and Destroy Munikis, she states her own power is inferior to that of both God Bakugan, and she instead teleports them to the dimension where Flare Dragaon sleeps, causing him to awaken. Dan and Drago are forced to battle the God Bakugan in order to prove their loyalty to him, and when Drago is victorious, Flare Dragaon agrees to serve as his and Dan's protector as he leads them to the invisible world's exit, sensing that Destroy Munikis is now at his strongest and is about to awaken with a vengeance.

After trekking through the invisible world for what seems like an eternity with Dan (who has started acting strangely) as their guide, the Battle Brawlers are separated and taken to different dimensions that appear to take on the form of distorted versions of places they've visited in the past, such as Neathia and Gundalia. Shun, Marucho, and Spectra are each approached by Dan, who turns on them and challenges them to battle. Each of the Brawlers' Bakugan spawn weapons similar to the one Drago did that Dan reveals are called BakuTech, but this is to no avail, as Dan obtains victory in each brawl and leaves each of his allies behind severely weakened and seriously injured. Eventually the Brawlers are all united in yet another mysterious dimension that takes on the form of a massive floating stadium, one in which the Battle Brawlers again come across their fallen leader. They challenge Dan to battle as a team, but even with the reinforcements and presence of their BakuTech, the Brawlers are overpowered by Dan when he savagely attacks them with evil versions of the original Dragonoid and Dharaknoid, artificial Bakugan that had combined to create the form of Drago before Dan's betrayal. The Battle Brawlers are all shocked when a massive fireball flies down from above wiping out both Dragonoid and Dharaknoid and they look up to see another Dan Kuso riding towards them on what appears to be Drago with another massive Dragonoid-like Bakugan at his side. The second Dan explains he is their true leader and the one against them is an impostor, and after introduing the other Battle Brawlers to Flare Dragaon, he joins them in another battle against the evil Dan, emerging victorious. At the end of the intesne battle, the false Dan starts fading away into the darkness, but he laughs and states that his master Destroy Munikis will finally awaken. He slowly limps towards Dan and merges with him, the real Dan screaming in agony despite what his friends try to do to comfort him as he sees visions of an evil dragon-like Bakugan attacking what appears to be the Earth. In an intense burst of dark energy, Dan collapses, and when he finally awakens in the arms of his friends, he is terrified to see a ghostly image of Destroy Munikis floating in the black sky above them. Flare Dragaon confirms the beast to be Destroy Munikis, and suddenly the Battle Brawlers are all expelled from the invisible world, awakening on Earth.

Knowing that Destroy Munikis is almost there, the Battle Brawlers begin evacuating all of the people they possibly can to a safe location as the invisible world and visible world begin to merge as the false Dan Kuso had said. When the fallen God Bakugan finally arrives, Dan and Drago fly off with Flare Dragaon to face him according to their destiny while the other Battle Brawlers remain on the ground and, along with the other Brawlers from Bakugan City and their friends from Neathia and Gundalia, battle the dozens of dark minions Destroy Munikis sends to attack them. While the Brawlers handle the war to protect their world from the ground, action heats up in the sky as Flare Dragaon faces Destroy Munikis alone, requesting Dan and Drago not participate, as Destroy Munikis was not theirs to defeat. Through the power forged from his newly formed bond with Dan and Drago, Flare Dragaon is able to evolve into Gren Dragaon, seemingly defeating Destroy Munikis as he sends his rival crashing to the ground. Destroy Munikis submits to his own chaos-fueled despair and hatred, however, evolving into Zero Munikis to slowly overpower and eventually destroy Gren Dragaon. Seeking to avenge their fallen ally, Dan and Drago then attack Zero Munikis in a rage, using everything from the most powerful Ability Cards to the strongest versions of Drago's BakuTech to eliminate him once and for all after their most dangerous and difficult battle yet. Gren Dragaon's spirit materializes before Dan and Drago upon their victory, naming Drago the new ruler of light and guardian of all living things in his place before vanishing back into the invisible world for his journey to the afterlife. Drago evolving yet again, peace is restored to the Earth and the visible and invisible worlds are separated. Dan and Drago reunite with their friends, Marucho formulating plans for a big celebration party in Bakugan City.

Arc TwoEdit



  • Dan Kuso - In the aftermath of the battle against Mag Mel and Razenoid, as well as Wiseman and his Nonet Bakugan, Dan is dragged to the edge of time by Chaos energy and written out of history, believed to be dead by the other Battle Brawlers and the rest of the Bakugan community. In actuality, Dan ends up in the Dark Reverse Dimension, where he and his Guardian Bakugan, Pyrus Galaxia Dragonoid, learn of a dark destiny they share that will determine the fate of the universe itself.
  • Shun Kazami - Shun is a veteran of the Battle Brawlers who uses speed and stealth to win his battles and is always calm, cool, and collected. After Dan Kuso's mysterious disappearance, he tries to conceal his sadness at the loss of his childhood friend by abandoning the other Brawlers and returning to his grandfather's dojo to complete his ninja training. While he was left without a Bakugan when Jaakor returned to New Vestroia with Radizen, he later teams up with Ventus Van Falco on a quest to rescue Dan.
  • Marucho Marukura - Marucho is a veteran of the Battle Brawlers and the group's creative genius. He is initially traumatized by Dan Kuso's disappearance and is the only one to believe his friend is still alive before he manages to convince the other Brawlers of this. While he was left without a Bakugan when Radizen returned to New Vestroia with Jaakor, he later teams up with Aquos Saint Aquas on his quest to rescue Dan.
  • Spectra Phantom - Once Dan Kuso's rival, Spectra became a permanent member of the Battle Brawlers after the defeat of Mag Mel. While he had returned to Vestal prior to the rise of Wiseman and has remained there since, he returns to Earth after Dan goes missing to aid the Brawlers in finding their missing leader, whom they still believe to be alive. Crafty and skilled in battle, Spectra is partnered with Darkus Master Helios.
  • Lux Farron - Lux is originally from a future where he was the last surviving Gundalian in a world that faced destruction. After a chance encounter with Dan Kuso, he travels to the past to find Dan's friends, the Battle Brawlers, along with his Neathian partner Gaia Agito. He sets off with the Battle Brawlers to save Dan in the ultimate hopes of changing the future. He is partnered with Haos Kilan Leoness.
  • Gaia Agito - Like her Gundalian partner Lux Farron, Gaia is originally from a future where she was the last surviving Neathian in a world that faced destruction. After a chance encounter with Dan Kuso, she travels to the past to find Dan's friends, the Battle Brawlers. She sets off with the Battle Brawlers to save Dan in the ultimate hopes of changing the future. She is partnered with Subterra Gran Panzer.


  • Chaos Dan Kuso - The Chaos that remained in the Dark Reverse Dimension after Code Eve sealed the gate to Valhalla during her failed attempt to send Emperor Barodius and Phantom Dharak to the afterlife. It has since assumed the form of the missing Dan Kuso to maintain balance between the visible and invisible worlds, and it now serves Destroy Munikis. It seeks to eliminate the Battle Brawlers so that none can stand in the way of its master's rebirth, and it even tricks them into thinking it is the real Dan for a short time. Able to control Chaos at will, the Chaos Dan Kuso fights using the Original Dragonoid and Original Dharaknoid, which are also false Chaos replicas.
  • Finis - A masked entity from the future who acts as an overseer of the balance between time and space in Valhalla, thus unable to die. He is Dan's fated rival and sees the other Battle Brawlers as contradictions to the balance he protects, thus he is determined to eliminate them with the Chaos Bakugan he commands. Finis is the former friend and mentor of the Brawlers' newest members, Lux and Gaia, and he also seems to be directly linked to the evil Bakugan Dio Sivac.

Other CharactersEdit

  • Historia - A seeress from the distant past and the first human on Earth to be touched by the original Dharaknoid's Chaos energy. She is Finis's travelling companion, partnered with Haos Blan Shoult.



  • Pyrus Flare Dragaon - A Pyrus-attributed God Bakugan responsible for the creation of Code Eve and the original Dragonoid and Dharaknoid. He remains hidden in an eternal slumber until the day when he must face his rival Destroy Munikis once again.
  • Pyrus Gren Dragaon - During an intense final battle with his rival Destroy Munikis, Flare Dragaon uses the power granted by his newly forged friendship with Dan and Drago to evolve into a more powerful form.
  • Ventus Van Falco - A Ventus-attributed God Bakugan that allies himelf with Shun Kazami after Destroy Munikis awakens.
  • Aquos Saint Aquas - An Aquos-attributed God Bakugan that allies herself with Marucho Marukura after Destroy Munikis awakens.
  • Subterra Gran Panzer - A Subterra-attributed God Bakugan that allies himself with Gaia Agito in the series's second arc.
  • Haos Kilan Leoness - A Haos-attributed God Bakugan that allies himself with Lux Farron in the series's second arc.


  • Darkus Destroy Munikis - A Darkus-attributed God Bakugan that serves as the main antagonist of the series's first arc. Responsible for the creation of Neathia and Gundalia, he was banished to the invisible world of the afterlife and consumed by chaos after losing a battle against his rival Flare Dragaon in ancient times. Having slowly been regaining his power ever since until he is at last strong enough to defeat his rival, Destroy Munikis formulates a plan to merge the visible realm of the living and the invisible realm of the dead together so that he may reign supreme over the new dark dimension of chaos that is created as a result. The only thing standing in the way of achieving this goal, however, are the Battle Brawlers, who have teamed up with Flare Dragaon to silence him once and for all.
  • Darkus Zero Munikis - During its intense battle with the newly evolved Gren Dragaon, Destroy Munikis fakes defeat and submits to hatred and despair in order to assume a more powerful form that finally allows him to eliminate his rival once and for all. Zero Munikis's new reign of terror is short-lived, however, as Dan and Drago avenge their fallen ally and friend by defeating him in the most difficult brawl of their lives.
  • Darkus Dio Sivac - A Darkus-attributed Bakugan that serves as the main antagonist of the series's second arc. An evil Bakugan banished to a dimension dislodged from time, he once took over a future world that was devastated by the defeat of Zero Munikis and enslaved all living things. Now that the only two survivors of his reign have traveled back into the past to change their fate, thus creating several time-space distortions and removing Dio Sivac from his place of power and returning him to the realm he was once imprisoned in, he uses a human companion named Finis to spread destruction until he becomes powerful enough to summon the evil entity Savac from within himself and attack the universe's core, which would cause the universe itself to die in an apocalyptic collapse.
  • Haos Gigan Taures - A Haos-attributed Bakugan who serves Dio Sivac and Finis.
  • Subterra Gavli Anacon - A Subterra-attributed who serves Dio Sivac and Finis.
  • Aquos Killer Volca - An Aquos-attributed Bakugan who serves Dio Sivac and Finis.
  • Subterra Zak Jaguard - A Subterra-attributed Bakugan who serves Dio Sivac and Finis.
  • Darkus Bone Sculls - A Darkus-attributed Bakugan who serves Dio Sivac and Finis.
  • Pyrus Flame Aigle - A Pyrus-attributed Bakugan who serves Dio Sivac and Finis.
  • Pawn Shade - A Bakugan of an unknown attribute who serves Dio Sivac and Finis.
  • Hop Fokker - A Bakugan of an unknown attribute who serves Dio Sivac and Finis.
  • Gee Ganoreda - A Bakugan of an unknown attribute who serves Dio Sivac and Finis.
  • Pyrus Hammer Cannon - A Pyrus-attributed Bakugan who serves Dio Sivac and Finis.


  • Haos Blan Shoult - A Haos-attributed Bakugan partnered with Finis's travelling companion, Historia.
  • Origianl Dragonoid - One of the first two Bakugan spawned by Flare Dragaon at the beginning of time.
  • Original Dharaknoid - One of the first two Bakugan spawned by Flare Dragaon at the beginning of time.

New Game FeaturesEdit

Other MaterialEdit

Video GameEdit

Main article: Bakugan: Dimension Attackers

As with past seasons of the Bakugan anime, Bakugan: Battle Dimensions was turned into a video game. This game, as with the others, has a plot not followed by the anime itself.


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