This is my idea for a fifth series for bakugan. AND AGAIN, THIS HAS GREEK, EGYPTIAN, AND NORSE GODS IN IT. (I know, I know, I'm a total mythology nerd!) It also has bakutech bakugan and heroes and heroines from the past. I will be editing a little bit whenever I get the chance to.



In the beggining of time, long before Code eve's creation, an evil, evil bakugan named Dio Sivac and his brothers created the universe for his six "children", Saint Aquas, Gran Panzer, Van Falco, Kilan Leoness, and his twin sons, Destroy Munikis and Flare Dragaon, and Sivac eventually killed their mother because a prophetess warned him that his "son" would destroy him, so he ate Blan Shoult so she could no longer bear children, and he created earth and the solar system, where he would hide from his offspring, who were seeking vengence for their mother. This required a lot of energy, and he sealed himself into the center of the earth, thus creating the earth's core. (If Mag Mel managed to destroy Earth, Sivac would have been MAAAAD!) There, he would slumber before his accidental awakening at the hands of a team of heroes and 1 medical prodigy....

The anime starts just before the brawlers' execution. Austin Shikigo, a young woman next to Dio Sivac, watches helplessley as a torch gets lit, and the executioner steps foward. Austin stares at her twin sons, and turns her attention to her younger son, Minigo, then she stares sadly at his father, who is sentenced to suffer her supposed fate: To be burned at the stake. And that is when she starts her flashback.

Austin starts by telling us her backstory, and when she was fifteen, while she and her little sister, Sydney, watched as Drago took Naga down, and she tells us her social life and hobbies.

We go back to 11 months before, when Austin kicked her fiance out of the house, and "out of her life". One of Austin's BFFs, Allyson, asks her if she'll ever find the one for her. She tells us that she "never knew that he would come along so soon," and that he was the guardian bakugan of her biggest heroes.

4 days later, we are now in LA, in a five-star hotel. Dan, Shun, Marucho, and Runo are staying in the best room availible. Austin, who was the daughter of the hotel's owners, peeps in to tell to the brawlers to be quiet, since Dan and Runo were fighting over which restruant they should go. Austin makes a recommendation, and the brawlers agree on it.

When the brawlers walk out for dinner, Austin heads out also to grab a Dr. Pepper from a local 7eleven, and, forgetting to check the weather, leaves her raincoat and umbrella in her room. On the way back, it starts to rain, and she would've caught pneumonia if a particular handsome redheaded young man hadn't shared his umbrella with her. This man, (who Austin knew was a dragonoid because of his reptalian green eyes), who was also staying at the Shikigo inn, persuaded Austin to come stay in his room for a little while, and Austin agrees.

Once inside the room (that the brawlers are staying), Austin asks him again if he is trying to do something bad to her, he says that he would never do that to her and transforms into pyrus fusion dragonoid. He tells her to stay on the couch while he gets some blankets. Once he makes sure she's warm, he determines she has a tiny fever, and that she should stay there for the night. They begin to chat, but Austie gets a little warmer, so he recommends that she get some sleep, so she does.

Imma busy, so I'm going to work on more later. I have chapter 1 and 2 finished, so check 'em out if you want! XD



Austin Shikigo-Kuso: The subterra brawler and the main protagonist, 22 years old, and, (of course), a christian. Her guardian bakugan is Subterra Gran Panzer.

Gran Panzer: A son of dio sivac, and Austin's guardian bakugan. He acts as an advisor to Austin, and does his best to make her happy.

Dan Kuso: The top ranked brawler in the world, and a pyrus brawler. He's 19 years old and has retired from brawling...but now he's back in action! His guardian bakugan is pyrus Fusion dragonoid, who evolves into pyrus Commandix dragonoid.

Drago: Dan's guardian bakugan. He'd go great lengths to protect the lives and homes of the innocent, and has a strong sense of justice

Shun Kazami: The ventus brawler, and a high-classed ninja. Shun knew from Austin's descriptions that there must be another enemy on earth...yet this is only the beginning.

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