This new series of Bakugan stories at North America which stories a boy named Ken William which has a Bakugan named Pyrus Doragonosaurus.He must use his summer time to defeat an evil brawler named Vill Enson in order to stop him from getting the Attribute power core.He,along with his best friends,Ron Hawcher, who uses Aquos Kylephoon and Shark Ray , Aaron Ringen,who uses Subterra Break Rickoran ,Ken’s main crush and girlfriend,Syasya Loundren who uses Haos Angefly and Kazz William,Ken’s cousin who uses Ventus Sky Peregrino.Together they perform a powerful Bakugan team and tries to defeat Vill.



Kenneth William:The leader and the Pyrus Brawler of the team.His best friend is Ron Hawcher and Aaron Ringen.He has a crush on a girl named Syasya Loundren and he is her boyfriend in episode 12.He has a cousin named Kazz William,who came from Canada,which also a brawler.At first,his gred is 65,B but in chapter 3 his gred is 90,A.

  • Pyrus Doragonosaurus:Ken’s Guardian Bakugan.
  • Pyrus Flare Doragonosaurus:Doragon’s first evolution.
  • Pyrus Inferno Doragonosaurus:Doragon’s second evolution.
  • Pyrus Ultimate Infinity Doragonosaurus:Doragon’s third and final evolution.
  • Pyrus Flare Falcon:Ken’s Bakugan Trap
  • Pyrus Fire Falcon:Falc’s first evolution.
  • Wingkor:Doragon’s Battle Gear.
  • Explowingkor:Doragon’s upgraded Battle Gear
  • Jet Nitro:Doragon’s BMAV.

Ron Hawcher:Ken’s classmate and best friend.He is a clever boy,as his gred is 96,A.He found Kylephoon when he is diving in a sea.He is the strategist in the group.

  • Aquos Kylephoon:Ron’s Guardian Bakugan.
  • Aquos Renoult Kylephoon:Kyle’s first evolution.
  • Aquos Blizzard Kylephoon:Kyle’s second evolution.
  • Aquos Shark Ray:Ron’s second Guardian Bakugan after Kyle.
  • Aquos Jaw Shark Ray:Ray’s first evolution.
  • Aquos Cuttlionflash:Ron’s Bakugan Trap.
  • Azul Trinity:Kylephoon’s Battle Gear.
  • Azul Drillhand:Shark Ray’s Battle Gear.
  • Twin Surfbot:Ron’s BMAV

Aaron Ringen :Ken’s classmate and his second best friend.He is strong and tough,and is the oldest in the group.He is good at sports.His gred is 82,A.He found Break when he was digging.

  • Subterra Break Rickoran:Aaron’s Guardian Bakugan.
  • Subterra Crash Rickoran:Rick’s first evolution.
  • Subterra Earthquake Rickroran:Rick's second evolution.
  • Subterra Heavypot:Aaron’s Bakugan Trap.
  • Race Liner:Rick’s Battle Gear.
  • Terrolegs:Aaron's BMAV

Syasya Loundren:Ken’s classmate and his main crush.At first,they are only normal friends but then they become couples.She is Ken’s girlfriend and always support Ken.Her gred is 94,A.She founds Angefly when a big flash of light ends.

  • Haos Angefly:Syasya’s Guardian Bakugan.
  • Haos Moonlit Angefly:An’s first evolution.
  • Haos Neon Angefly:An's second evolution.
  • Haos Clawko:Syasya’s Bakugan Trap.
  • Spurtablaster:Angefly's Battle Gear
  • Klor Fly:Syasya’s BMAV

Kazzeth William:Ken’s far cousin who lives in Canada.When he comes to San Diego he helps Ken to reach his mission.He is very fast and has ninja skills.His gred is unknown.He found Sky when he was practising ninja.

  • Ventus Sky Peregrino:Kazz’s Guardian Bakugan.
  • Ventus Lazulli Peregrino:Pere’s first evolution.
  • Ventus Master Peregrino:Pere’s second evolution.
  • Ventus Swift Wing:Kazz’s Bakugan Trap.
  • Wing Cuckhoo:Peregrino’s Battle Gear.
  • Swift Rider:Kazz’s BMAV.


Vill Enson:An very,very evil brawler who wants to steal The Attribute Power Core.He is a Darkus Brawler.

  • Darkus Dherixtix:Vill's Guardian Bakugan.
  • Darkus Darking Dherixtix;Dherixtix's first evolution
  • Darkus Neo Phantom Dherixtix's second evolution
  • Aerkord:Dherixtix's Battle Gear
  • Exukod,Repkong and Smackong:Dherixtix Colossoid

April Xeunic:A very,very beautiful and sexy brawler.Syasya hates her most because she is jealous.She first tries to tempt Kenneth by using The Lovely Hypnotising Kiss effect 1 and sucess,but being broken by Syasya.when she first meet him in a cave.She is a Haos Brawler.

  • Haos Yemmean:April's Bakugan
  • Haos X Yemmean:Y's second evolution.
  • Xter:Y's Battle Gear

Nana Saito:Another beautiful girl which is Vill's girlfriend.Like April,she has physical attacks,except The Body.She is an Aquos Brawler.

Zack Zeus:A stylish,cool Ventus Brawler that also a ninja like Kazz.

Buck Breater.A guy which joins the Neokenger not for intruding,but joining them because he wants to destroy them.This is because Vill killed Buck's family and village,and turn Nana,Buck's crush into cruel brawler.He is considered in good team,or New Star's spy.

Fill Neskourt:Vill's most trusted Brawler and he always follow where Vill are.He is a pyrus Brawler.


1.A New Adventure

The adventures starts when a boy named Kenneth William,along with his best friend Ron Hawtcher is learning at school.The bell rangs marking the suummer vacation.Both of these friends are thinking wht they gonna do.Kenneth then gives an idea to search new Bakugans.Ron agree with Kenneth's idea,so they start searching for Bakugans.Suddenly,in park,they are approached by a school bully,Patrick who wants to Bakugan brawl with them.Kenneth agree with him,and a Bakugan brawl occurs.In the middle of the brawl,suddenly Kenneth having of an illusion of Vestroia.Then,a Dragonoid-kind Pyrus Bakugan appears and it seen talking.When Kenneth wakes up,he finds out a Bakugan named Doragosaurus appears to him.So he uses that Bakugan,and wins.Patrick runs away,and Kenneth shows his new Bakugan to Ron.Then,he brought it home and put it on a window next to Kenneth's bed.Kenneth thinks,and he realize that something will happen and he will use his Bakugan for defeating someone that is pure evil.

2.My Best Friend

Kenneth still sleeps,and his parents are also sleeping.Then,a voice suddenly wakes him,and he checks on Doragosaurus.Doragosaurus then pops out,and talking.Kenneth is shocked,but then he calms and chat with his new Bakugan.Doragosaurus then explains that an evil power will dominate the world.Kenneth understands,and then go out to find Ron.Meanwhile Ron is having a scuba-diving in a sea.He suddenly finds an Aquos Bakugan,and takes it.After getting out from the sea,Ron's new Bakugan,Aquos Kylephoon explains as same as Doragosaurus said;an evil power will dominate this world if they didn't do anything.Kenneth finds Ron,and they both realise that a group of brawlers abuse their Bakugan by trying to dominate the world.So they vows to defeat them.

3.My Love

Kenneth and Ron go to their school to do their homework.After finishing their work,Ken saws a girl named Syasya,and he is day dreaming.Ken says that he wants to couple her,but Ron said that Syasya is a popular girl,and they are only normal boys,so that is impossible to pick her.Kenneth still don't give up,and tries to chat with her.She rejects,but then her Bakugan,Haos Angefly,explains to her that she must follow them because an evil power will destroy the world.With not willing heart,Syasya must follow the boys.Ken is very happy hearing this.

4.The Tough Pal

A guy,named Aaron visit Kenneth with his Bakugan,Subterra Break Rickoran.

5.The Evil Vill Enson

6.The Travel

7.The Dark Neokengers

On the way,the team discovers an evil tema led by Vill,The Dark Neokengers.He orders his teammates to fight,and they are really strong.The team seem to lose,but suddenly a ninja brawler comes and help them with his Ventus Bakugan.After the Dark Neojengers lost,the guy is revealled to be Kazzeth William - Kenneth's far cousin from woods of Canada.He agrees to help them,and joined them.

8.The True Destiny


10.Shark Ray

11.The Exciting Moment

12.The Love Memorial

When searching for the way,the group has split into two.Kenneth and Syasya accidentaly take a wrong way.When the two reaches the road's end,they are in a forest,and soon meets Zack.They begin to brawl,but Syasya is easily taken out.When Zack almost lost,he orders Speartheon to attack Syasya.She falls to a cliff,but Kenneth saves her from the cliff and Kenneth himsef is trapped in the cliff.Kenneth said that he is doing that because he wants Syasya always live happily,even also this would sacrifice his life.Syasya then realize that Kenneth really loves her,and that she falls in love with Kenneth in that time.Meanwhile Doragon still tries to block Speartheon from attacking the two.Syasya gives a hand to Kenneth,and he brawls.Syasya gives Kenneth supports,and he wins.After Zack runs away,she thanked to Kenneth,agreed with Kenneth to become a couple,and gives a kiss on his cheek.Ken faints with happily,and Syasya covers her face with a red,blush face.


14.The Sakreina Orb

15.Second Face

16.The Secret Of The Dark Neokengers

17.The Big Army

18.Losing Partner

19.What Happened To My Partner?

20.I’m Sorry Buddy

21.Our Very First Date

22.The Start Of Our Sacrifice

23.Doragosaurus Colossoid

24.Dherixtrix Colossoid

25.The Final Battle

26.The End,Brawlers

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