Things get likely until an evil team named Darkness Storm Riders came to destroy the world.They have created a giant canon that are placed on an unknown asteroid that can destroy 6 worlds(Earth,New Vestroia,Doom Dimension,Vestal,Neathian and Gundalian).Who will save the world.It's up to a new brawlers team called Justice Riders.Edit


Zeo Linas:Edit

The main character in this series.A human Pyrus brawler,he fights bravely like a warrior,he will sacrifice anything or himself to save the world.He has a crush with Amira Joenes,a Neathian Haos Brawler,which later they become couples.He has a very strong bond with his Bakugan.Edit

Bakugan:Pyrus Firestorm Dragonoid --> Pyrus Univervo Dragonoid

Bakunano:Wing Striker


Mechtogan:Zenthornum/Zenthornum Titan

Amira Joenes:Edit

A pretty,beautiful girl from Neathia who is Zeo's main crush.She doesn't like violence,but it doesen't meant to be a coward.She is kind,always giving chances to enemy to change into good.In the ending credit she is shown marry Zeo when they are a bit grown.Edit

Bakugan:Haos Knightian


BMAV:Butterfly Cop


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