Bakugan, Sentient biengs co-habitating with the humans with the world known as "Earth". They created a game in which bakugan battle or "brawl" i should say. People say it's a game of fun. Others say it's a game of power, and they might be right. Brawling is used in almost everything. In some parts of the world you have to brawl to survive. What most people and some bakugan don't know is that bakugan tie into powerful legends. And one legend is about to come true?



Attribute Brawlers Actor Bakugan Battle Gear
Pyrus Zackery Breaux Dylan Sprouse Helix Drago JetKor



Nathon Kress Akwimos Battle Saber
Haos Kristin Sharp Debbie Ryan Aranaut Battle Crasher
Subterra Coredem Rock Hammer
Ventus Hawktor Swayther
Darkus Linehalt Boomixx


Attribute Brawlers Actors Bakugan Battle Gear
Pyrus Krakix Lansor
Aquos Lytherius
Haos Lumagrowl Barias Gear
Subterra Bassilisk Chompixx
Ventus Strikeflier Battle Turbine
Darkus Dharak Airkor

Chapter 1: The Story BeginsEdit

( The setting is in the early morning. You see a boy lying on top of a well designed house. He has blonde hair with blue eyes. He wears a burn red shirt with a silk- ish looking black blazer/jacket. He also wears blue denim pants and sketchers no lace shoes.)

Zack:(sighs) I guess I should get to school now.

( The setting is changing to the big clock tower, you see a cloaked in black clothing.)

Mysterious Man: Hmmm. It seems the wheel of fate has started to turn.

( A crow goes to his shoulder)

Mysterious man: I see. Times ticking

(The setting changes to a suberban school. You see Zack walking into a classrom with other students)

Teacher: Good morning class!

Class: Good morning Ms. Bliss!

Ms. Bliss: O.k class I'm going to assign class field trip groups. ( She recites many names until the last group) And finally Zack Breaux, Kristin Sharpe, & Jacob Welsh

( Kristin was an okay girl. She had brown hair & eyes, with tannish white skin. She wears a Pink shirt with a siler falcon on it, under a eather jacket. She wears denim pants with sketcher-brand shoes. Though I wouldn't admit it, she looked beautiful.)

( Jacob is a good guy too. He has black hair & green eyes, with white skin. He wears a white t-shirt with a blue color sweater or. He also wears blue school type pants with lofers)

'Teacher: Now remember class, you are to stick to your group during the field trip.'

'Class: Yes ma'am.'

'( Classes end one after the other until lunch)'

'Zack: Finally, I'm out of those classes. (He goes over to a table in the cafeteria.)'

'Kristin: (She walks over to Zack) Hello Zack. How are you?'

Zack: Fine, thank yo for asking.

Kristin: Good, well i was thing since we're going to be in the same group we should get t know eachother.

Zack: Well, ok. I was born on 2-28-97, i'm a pisces, and I love to play bakugan.

Kristin: Funny, I love bakugan too.

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