One day Danielle was walking along and all of the sudden a hole of darkness opended up in front of her. Then out of nowhere a bakugan comes out of the hole. "Whoe how are you?" asked Danielle. "I am Phantom Leonidas. You can call me Phantom,Leo or Leonidas." "Ok." "My name is Danielle it's a pleashure to meet you Leo." She said with a smile.The strange hole closed after Danielle mett Phantom Leonidas

The next day A grope of battlers where walking and Their leader bumps into Danielle. "Hey whatch it!" Danielle yelled. "Well you whatch it!" Dan yelled back. Dan's bakugan Drago and Phantom Leonidas Got in between Danielle and Dan. "How about we settle this in a brawl?" Leonidas said. "Whoe who are you?" Every one except Danielle asked. "I am Haos Phantom Leonidas. So how 'bout that brawl.?" "I never battled before."

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