Chapter 2Edit

at dan jr.'s house ....

Dan jr.:[yawn] [goes into bathroom then bath]

Dan jr: Ahhhhhhh! RUNO!

Runo jr.: Sory I used up all the hot water, [again].

Dan jr. : [comes out in a towel] you better be.



Mr.Kuso:Were you going son?

Dan jr.: To Marucho's, oh and Runo don't touch my bakugan cards.

Runo jr.: I won't i'm going shoping

at marucho's mansion....

Dan jr.: My sis is so anoying!

Marucho jr.: I am glad my sister is a teenager she barley bothers with me. Oh by the way I setted up your asse on the bombing of Hirashima

Dan jr.: Triple thanks Mario.

Marucho jr.: No problem I get to know what to expect next year in Grade 6

Dan jr.: Are you kidding! I have to know what'a expect next year YOU have to expect for 5 years from now your the smartest 11 year old in Japan!

suddenly Dan's bakupod rings...

Shouja: Dan I chalenge you to a brawl!

Mr Kuso: Drago evolve

Daniel mamy: Yes

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