Ch 1 The Gundalian princeEdit

Barodius:Are you ready. ???:Yes farther. Kazarina:Are you sure his ready sir. Barodius:Of course I'm sure my son is more then ready. Kazarina:Yes I know your right sir.So Prince Silver will be going to Vestroia so he can find a bakugan of his own. Barodius:You should go now my son. Silver:Yes farther I shall go now. (New vestroia) Sliver:Now what's this. (looking at a huge machine) ???:You. Sliver:Me what but i will guess this is your machine and that why their are no bakugan here. ???:I am the boss of my squad Anlola here how old are you. Sliver:I'm 8 why do you ask such a thing. gurd:Anlola he is a child we dont have to kill him.Anlola:Maybe wipe his memory clean. Sliver:And i'm going to let you. Anlola:Get him now. Gurds:yes leader. (Later on in Anlola lair) Sliver:Let go of me. Anlola:let me explan this machine will wipe your memory clean you wont know a thing.(Anlola turns machine and Sliver gets hit with it ) Anlola:drop the boy. Sliver:What did you do to me.(Sliver falls and faints)

CH2 The new beiningEdit

(Sliver slowly starts to come to) ???:I think his coming to. ???:be quiet. 'Sliver:huh what. '???:Hello now where's your mum and dad boy? 'Sliver:I dont know. '???:Ok well my name is layla and your name is. 'Sliver:I'm not sure i think it's somthing sliver yep i think.'Layla:oh ok well do you have any family. 'Sliver:I dont think so i dont know anything. 'Layla:Well Sliver you can stay here be the way these are my kids Lee my son and Luna my baby girl your outfit looks wired but you do look like a vestal here i will go get you some new cothes Sliver. 'Lee:Hey Sliver so you dont have a family. 'Sliver:I dont think so 'Luna:Nice to meet you Sliver '(Sliver siting in a bed looking out the window)'(Six years later) 'Lee:It's you brithday. 'Sliver:It's not my brithday. 'Luna:Lee this is'nt his real brithday it's the day mum found him. 'Sliver:It's just a day to make me think even more about where i came from. 'Lee:Mr sour. 'Sliver:If you think so. '(Later that night) 'Layla:Happy brithday Sliver 'Luna:So your 14 now 'Sliver:I guess so 'Lee:Is that all you ever say 'Sliver:ok 'Layla:Now here a little gift for you Sliver 'Sliver:Mother there is no need 'Layla: so are you going to open it 'Lee:so big bro when i get a bakugan will you help me 'Luna:Your only 10 'Lee:So are you 'Sliver:so thats what it is '(Sliver opens the gift) '???:Hello my name is Darkus night anubis 'Sliver:nice to meet you Anunbis. 'Anubis:Same here my friend. 'Luna:You should see what Anubis can do. 'Lee:Yeah come on.'Silver:Ok let's go Anubis . 'Lee:Hey wait for me. 'Luna:Same here. 'Silver:Goodbye mother. 'Anubis:So where are we going. 'Silver:Just out for a walk. 'Lee:Yeah so we can find some other brawlers 'Anubis:Brawl? 'Luna:You dont know what a brawl is 'Anubis:Not really 'Lee:Your from vestroia right 'Anubis:Never heard of the place 'Luna:Dont most bakugan come from Vestroia Silver 'Silver:Yes. 'Anubis:Well i dont 'Silver:Well this will be your first brawl

Ch 3 A brawl to beat all brawlsEdit

???:Hey Silver 'Silver:Hello Reliy 'Reliy:What's up 'Sliver:The sky 'Reliy:Very funny 'Luna:Hi Reliy 'Lee:Yeah hi 'Reliy:Now if it isn't little man and sunshine 'Silver:So you up for a brawl 'Reliy:Their no way you will beat me with out this come on take it 'Silver:Um no problem '(Silver takes the item from Reliy hand) 'Silver:Are you sure 'Reliy:Think of it as a b'day gift 'Silver:The fact you rember for once Reily:Dont look so shocked Lee:What is it Luna:It's a bakugear Reliy:Yep so ready to try it out Silver:you know i am Silver and Reliy:Felid open gate card set Reliy:Bakugan brawl bakugan stand let's go warter Chiller Silver:bakugan brawl bakugan stand show me what you got Night Anubis. Reily:Ability card activate Chillers chill. Silver:Ability card activate Doom of the darkness Reily:I have never seen i move like that befor but it wont make me lose Ability card activate Waterfall fun Silver:Like i'm going to lose this easy Ability card activate Death row Reily:Chiller you ok Chiller:Not really bro (Chiller gose back in ballform) Luna:Reily just lost 50% of his point's Lee:Anubis is really powerful Silver:Great work Anubis Anubis:Master i will do better Silver:Who me ? oh no i'm not your master im your friend Reily:Silver You know where still in a brawl Silver:Right. Reily:Bakugan brawl bakugan stand let's go water Chiller. Silver:Bakugan brawl stand bakugan stand rise Night Anubis.Ability activate darkness doom.Reily:Wow like really wow ability activate surfing chiller.Silver:Battle gear boost Death sword Reliy:Oh great i lose. (Chiller gose back into ball form.)Reily:Great battle Silver.Silver:Indeed.Reily:Anubis is the strongest bakugan i have ever seen.Silver:Really so i am luckie to have Anubis as A friend Anubis:Master why do you call me friend.Silver:Your a very stange bakugan Anubis.Lee:Dont forget dum.Luna:Lee.Reily:Hey Chiller do you have any idea what's with the cazy powerful bakugan Chiller:He is very weird looking and that's why he will fit in great with Silver.Anubis:Dont you ever think of calling MY MASTER WEIRD AGAIN UNLESS YOU WONT TO DIE.???:Hey move it.(A girl runing past Silver Reily Lee and Luna)

Ch 4 The blind batEdit

Silver:That girl is very rude Reily:Someone need's to tell the girl to relax (Some where else.)???:Hey did you see that boy.???:You mean the one who look's like a gundalian trying to look like a vestal.???:That's the one. ???:So Saura do you think his the one that where looking for.Saura:Yes i do.(Back to Silver Reily luna and Lee.)Lee:I'm bord Luna:When are you not bord Lee:I am never bord.Luna:But you just said.Lee:I'm never bord.Luna:Why do i even say anything anymore.Silver:Well we could go to the movies.Reily:I'm there so when we get their we should go see a horror movie Silver:Yeah but what are we going to do with the ten year olds Reily:Good point Luna:Can't we go see a drame Lee:Adventure.Reily:Ok so we got a to chose between drame or adventure Silver.Silver:I dont know Luna:DrameLee:AdventureLuna:DRAME!Lee:ADVENTURE! Silver:Can you two ever agree on something.???:Boy.Reily:Silver it's that girl again.Silver:Hello it's very nice to meet you again ???:Dont give me that. Silver:Huh?..

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