The Troaks,a group of strange alien invaders plan to use Earth to plant an alien device capable of destroying every planet except theirs. But luckily evil isn't the only force rising as Dan,Shun,Marucho,newcomers :Jade,Elena and a mysterious darkus battler called Rex unite in order to stop the evil Zoarak and his Troak armies.


Dan Kuso: The leader of the Bakugan Brawlers Unleashed and the main protonagist. Dan also realizes now he can summon Bakugan Unleashed to assist him in a must win battle against the Troaks.His gaurdian Bakugan is Pyrus Chaos Dragonoid

Shun Kazami:The deutronagist and the future leader of Ventus Vogues. After Shun realized he cant use his ninja skills he makes up for it using newly developed gravity defying boots that allow him to summon his Bakugan Unleashed without destroying them with his skills. His gaurdian Bakugan is Ventus Prodigy.

Marucho Marukura: The son of a millionare and the current Tritaginist and the Baku Brain of the Brawlers as he calls himself. He also created Shun's Gravity Boots to help him with his ninja crisis. His gaurdian Bakugan is Aquas Fanger.

Jade Blare:Jade discovered Bakugan when she was Eleven and has played it ever since. She also has a small crush on Shun. She is the current Haos brawler and her gaurdian is Haos HammerHead

Elena Gray:Elena is Jade's best friend from kindergarten and while Jade has a crush on Shun, Elena is interested in Dan. She is the current Subterra brawler and her gaurdian Bakugan is Subterra Aries.

Rex Alan: Rex is secretly a spy for the Troakies but later changed to the Brawlers side after discovering what the Death Ball was for. He died along with his father,Bakugan and planet when he reprogrammed the Death Ball to only eradiate Torros Prime. His gaurdian Bakugan is Darkus Leonidas


Zoarak Allan: He is the Supreme Emperor of the Troakians and planned to use the Death Ball to eradiate every other planet after his date to the prom from Zaroid stood him up after telling everyone he had a date. But his plan backfired after Rex reprogrammed the Death Ball to only eradiate Torros Prime. He died along with his son,gaurdian and planet. He is the main Pyrus battler and his guardian Bakugan is Pyrus Omega Prime. He doesent warriors so he made clones of himself each with different attribrutes and one Omega Prime per attribrute each with his name only started with the first letter of each attribrute.

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