The BakuTech are a new gameplay element introduced in Bakugan: Battle Dimensions.


BakuTech are weapon-like sources of limitless power that belong to only a single Bakugan whom they reflect in some manner. Extensions of the original Dharaknoid's spirit created to aid those who are born only to die so that they may overcome their fate if they face it against their will, BakuTech gain physical form from within a Bakugan's very soul to deliver hope when all is lost. Their powers must then be tamed by their wielders, a task that is a source of salvation to some as their uncontrollable abilities deliver a despairing Bakugan the death it craves. Once tamed, BakuTech can be summoned in battle at will to devastate any opponent.

BakuTech come in two varieties known as Core and Soul. Core BakuTech assume the shape of various weapons out of many sub-categories known under the collective term of BakuArsenal, including BakuBlades, BakuRifles, and BakuArmor. A Core BakuTech's most powerful form falls under the category of BakuBlast. None have been able to tame this type of BakuTech's power successfully. Soul BakuTech do not have a physical form, rather they imbue a Bakugan with their power to transform it into a weapon itself for its partnered Brawler to wield. Soul BakuTech are ultimately more powerful than the Core BakuTech from which they evolve and have their own BakuArsenal, which includes BakuShips along with several other variants.

A BakuTech's power is measured or increased through a Pentagon Parameter, an invisible force that is different in every single Bakugan and can be influenced by its respective Switch Code, or the bond it shares with its Brawler. Only by exchanging these forces between one-another through a "Parameter Shift" can Bakugan share BakuTech or gain access to their chosen BakuTech's other forms in the BakuArsenal.

A BakuTech, once tamed, can be summoned to battle by shouting the following phrases: "Core BakuTech <insert name of BakuTech here>, engage!" or "Soul BakuTech <insert name of BakuTech here>, merge!" A Parameter Shift and transformation of a Bakugan's BakuTech can be activated by shouting this phrase: "Parameter Shift! Core BakuBlade/BakuRifle/BakuArmor/BakuBlast <insert name of BakuTech here>, arise!"

In the AnimeEdit

Bakugan Battle DimensionsEdit

List of BakuTechEdit



  • Dual Sabrexx - The Core BakuTech that appeared before Galaxia Dragonoid. Its default form is two long swords that can be wielded in each hand.
  • SworDevil - Helios's Core BakuBlade. It takes the form of a single massive blade that must be wielded with two hands and is also capable of gunfire.


  • CannoBlaster - The Core BakuTech that appeared before Master Helios. Its default form is a massive laser cannon that requires two hands to wield.
  • RagnoRazer - Drago's Core BakuRifle. It takes the form of two handguns that can be combined into one weapon and fire various types of lasers.



  • Crusixx - Galaxia Dragonoid's Soul BakuTech.


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