B.Y.P is a video game created by Drake Parker, it is a crossover of Bakugan, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Pokemon. In the game you are able to switch to each character and each story, and even each format, Pokemon format, Bakugan format, and Yu-Gi-Oh format.

Plot Edit

A man named Palay Suginaga, is going through diffrent place, when he comes accross a deadly Backugan card, and through his way he finds Yu-Gi-Oh cards and Pokemons. Ash hears about this news, he goes to find Palay as fast as he can, when he runs into Yugi, who has the same story has him. The decide to travel togather to get to the man, when they run into Don, who has the EXACT same story. Then a explosion seperates them, but they stay on there goal to find Palay. Don is having a hard time trying to get out of a rising river, while the others are trying to find Palay, when finnaly, they get teleported to Palay's battle ground. They fight to the death with Palay and win, Don became Bakugan King, Ash became Pokemon Master, and Yugi became King of Games due to this.

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