"Oh, Drago, is that you, my son? OHH, I remember the day you were born, when I held you for the first time! You were actually smaller than a human newborn, actually, so we had to hide you from Procrustes, so Artemis, Apollonir, Athena, and Ares had to scream and fight so no one could hear you, and Melissa fed you honey, and it made you throw up-"



Aphrodite in human form

Aphrodite is the greek goddess of love and beauty, and, due to being born from the sea, can transform into an aquas dragonoid. She does not take a side in the trojan war, along with her past son, Gloriante, and calls Cassie "A dolly", and Dan, "Prince Charming, not half bad for a partner of my son.", and endears Drago, making him always respond to her, "Mother, you're making me look bad!" or, sometimes, when Wavern's around, " Aw, Mother, not in front of Wavern!", even though she ignores him, instead intrested in the relationship, being the goddess of love. Artemis and Dionysus frequently tease Drago about being Aphrodite's son, "Because it'll make it impossible to kiss your girlfriend!". She prefers dobermans as her "type of dog, because they're loyal, not agressive. They're a loving breed.". She appears in Bakugan: Cassandra and the Crimson Core Brawlers and is actually a good arch with a lot of flaws, and her weapon in battle is a bow and arrow.

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