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"Poor Brawling skills, carry about a powerful Bakugan then to make up for it." ~ Aniju


Aniju usually is very care free and at time rather hyper. Like Jasper she is friends and tends to do odd things. Most noticiblely is her animal-like behavor. She is feircely loyal. Aniju makes friends rather easilly and can be friends with anyone as long as they can be friends with her. With people who are not her friends but she is trying to help, she tells the truth but not the whole truth. In some cases she'll lie to get a person moving on to the right path. For the most part she is trustworthy. However she also enjoys messing with people. She likes to tell part of the truth but she will tell people pointless thing that may not help them in their major goal, just to through them off, but in some way it'll help them later on down the road. Aniju, when in a good mood, doesn't like to watch living thing suffer and will try to help as much as she can to ease their pain. However when in a bad mood, she doesn't care much for the pain of people. She can be cruel to curtain people, particually grown adults or bratty kids, though sometimes this is a form of affecion, telling the difference is rather difficult. When she does this, she is trying to "fix" them in her own way by making them know suffering to improve themselves.


In Kingdom of Echoes First thing everyone notices about her is that she is just white. Aniju is an albino with one red eye (right) and one blue eye (left), however she lost her left eye during a war, and replaced it with Code Eve. Aniju most often harly ever walks on two legs, most often she is seen on all four. She also posseses a long tail almost as long as her body. She also bares claws that are not retractable, her right hand is red and has four digits while her left hand is black, conisderable larger and only has three digits. Her left hand's digits are like knives. Another noticable thing is the metal cast on her back, she got from a science lab sometime before, that she had modified into a jet pack. She also has ripped ears, left side is worse then the right, another remnent of her former battle. All and all she resembles a sphinx. She optain two nomarlish articles of clothing: she wears a dark blue-black dress with a red scarf around her neck. Sometimes her left arm is wrapped in a banaged.

In Dimensional Defenders

Aniju somewhat looks the same only she is more human-like. It was deicded since people probably wouldn't know or understand Aniju's animal-like nature, she was converted back to a more human-like state. She wears an old outfit of hers, a blue jacket that can't be damaged. A white scarf hangs around her next, which she modifes into a pair of wings when she wished to fly. She sports green and brown belts around her waist and a pair of yellow winged hover boots. She also is missing her scarred ears. She also wears a black glove on her left arm and refuses to remove it for anything. Under her torn shirt can be seen banages and in her chest there is a hole with a growing ord inside, but this can barely be seen through the banages and is rather none noticable except for in the dark. She walks on two legs this time around and her tail is absent.


Aniju is an Aura, a guardian and peace keeperof the multiverse. She is capible of making new Bakugan by gathering samples of DNA from currenlty existing Bakugan. Aniju is a very poor brawl however. She optain her Bakugan by making him out of DNA samples she collected from other Bakugan of all attributes over time and named him Demono. She however did not choice just one attribute, but instead made Demono possese the ability to control all attributes and called him the Avatar of all Bakugan, just like her. She made him extremly powerful to make up for her poor brawling skills. She first ran into the "Bakugan people" during the events of New Vestroia, season two, and started collecting samples. Several times did the "Bakugan People" try to explain how to brawl but she never was able to understand it. Howerever she made herself her own Bakugan named Demono and gave him all the attributes.

Dimentional TroubleEdit

Aniju appeared in Dimentional Trouble in Jasper's hiden chapter. He bothered her because he was bored so she made him a Bakugan and sent him to the Bakugan Convention in Interspace. She told him to seek out her other friend name J. Alfred so he could teach him how to brawl. J. Alfred also attempted to teach Aniju how to brawl but was unseccesful. Later in Through the Wormwhole, Jasper texted to Aniju using Wolfgirl's phone. It was her who open the portal to New Vestroia.

Dimensional DefendersEdit

Aniju actually take a more active role in the sequeal Dimensional Defenders. She was seen in the prolog singing The Requiem. The The Radiance plays right after but she does not sing this song. She appeared later in Chapter 1, talking to Kleinn. She gave him a rabbit stuffed animal with some kind of magical protective powers over it, which he named Gritty Ace. She also gave Kleinn another one of her hand drawn card to aid him. Later she gave Bob a card as well, after watching him lose to Danielle. In Chapter 8, Aniju is the one playing the keyboard, when Dallas walks in, or rather falls in. She was played the song Buzztone Symphony. Aniju made her next appearance looking for a new team-mate for J. Alfred's new team, she met him prior to Dementional Trouble. Olaf discovered Aniju in a bush an she took him to realm where J. Aflred's group was.

Kindom of EchoesEdit

In Kingdom of Echoes, Aniju is plague bark memories of her past as well as the happenings of the current events. She is somewhat the cause of the events that are taking place in the Tournament. And unknown influence is also lurking behind the scenes and causing problems for her. Aniju eventually breaks free from her prison and begins to aid the contestants.

Dimensional AdventuresEdit

In Dimensional Adventures, Aniju and her friends come to live with Gerald for some reason. She part takes in renovating the apartment complex and makes some new creatures. Later she gets the idea to lure Luca out of the part's forest by leaving a milk bootle out while Dante and Slasho dress up as a cow. They were succeessful in capturing Luca.

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Aniju Aura

Nickname: Whitefang (Warrior's name)

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Appearance: Varies from time to time, most often very pale, she's an Albino, red and blue eye, long white hair

Clothes: Varies, usually white sometimes resembles fur and appeares to be fused with her body.

Personality: care-free, loyal, hyper, childish at time, caring, friendly and detrimine

Motto: "It doesn't count as murder if you eat them"

Likes: music, singing, being creative, making things like new creatures, getting DNA samples. nature especially animals, annoying up-tight people especially adults with high positions

Dislikes: cruelity, distruction of nature, animal abuse, Twilight, Haters, one particular science lab

Fears: Spiders

Attribute: Avatar

Guardian Bakugan: Demono


Aniju's main Bakugan is Demono, however she also have a group of Vita Cleric each with their own attribute. She houses these Bakugan in her tentacles and releases them simply by opening the mouths on her tentacles’ heads. Each Vita Cleric returns to the same head and while inside the eyes of the tentacle glows the color of their Attribute. They have the abilities to control the head at times and release themselves without Aniju’s permission. Each Vita Cleric design was based off various animals from popular culture, mostly relating to things Aniju likes. She also uses her Vita Clerics in Brawls, if anyone can get her to brawl, simply because Demono is too strong. For Jousting she uses Pinkie Pie.

Avatar (All Attributes)



Whitestorm (Warriors)


Dusk (Darkwing)


Pipkin (Watership Down)


Soren (Guardians)


Pinkie Pie (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)


Working On That


Buck (Call of the Wild)


Toblerone (Given to Slasho)


  • Aniju was first seen in Jasper's hiden chapter, she made his Bakugan and sent him to the convention.
  • Aniju was the person whom Jasper texted to using Wolfgirl's phone to get the portal to open.
  • Aniju can travel through dimensions at will.
  • Aniju is a shape-shifter, but she mostly stays in one form.
  • Aniju loves animals, she values the life of an animal over the life of a human. She likes weird, unusually and odd animals especially. Her favorite animals are bats.
  • Aniju can also summon moths which she uses for delivering messages or spying on people.
  • Aniju is the alpha and dominant female of Ivory Team.


Pictures of Aniju.


Kingdom of Echoes

Bakugan: Dimensional Defenders

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