Amber is a Darkus brawler who has the two one-of-a-kind bakugan, Darkus Leonidas (Omega Leonidas) and Darkus Ax Valditor (Battle Ax Valditor)

General InformationEdit

Name: Amber Kazami

Alias: Amber, Sis, Little Sis

Gender: female

Species: human

Age: 11 (Battle Brawlers), 14 (New Vestroia), 15 (Gundalian Invaders), 16 (Mechtanium Surge)

Hair: gray and black tipped

Hair Style: long (formally), mid-length (formally X2), shoulder length or lower back (current/still haven't decided)

Eyes: blue (right), yellow (left)

Skin: pale tan

Attire: black tank top, jean skirt with fringed end, black mid-thigh length leggings, knee-high combat boots and black fingerless gloves (at home attire)

black jacket, dark pink strapless dress with gray trim, dark navy belt and choker, black 1 inch heel boots with black thigh-high socks, one with a dark pink ring aorund it (brawling/normal attire)

charcoal high-neck jacket down to just above the stomach, black tank top to belly button, hicking shorts, two black belts and combat boots (traveling/fight attire)

Relatives: Shun Kazami (older brother), Mother, Grandfather *=deceased

Place of Birth: somewhere in japan

Date of Birth: October 30

Love Interest: Gen Shooto

Afflication: Battle Brawlers, Masqurade (quit)

Alignment: good, formally neutral

Abilities: kicks, martial arts, ninjitsu, speed, communication with non-speaking bakugan, empathic with bakugan, animals and the wind and water, future dreams, calming enraged bakugan or animals, umbrakenetic

Main Attribute: Darkus

Guardian Bakugan: Leonidas and Ax Valditor (or just Valditor), Darkus Orbeum, Darkus Skytruss, Luna and Dusk (twin darkus dragonoids), Darkus Orbeum, Darkus Skytruss

Battling Style: she tosses her bakugan then kicks them like a soccer ball, giving them harsh power in their spins and usually, when hitting an opponents bakugan, force the opponents to lose at least 300 Gs

Specialty: brawling, kicking

Personal InformationEdit

Favorite/Theme Song: Innocet Sorrow and Doubt & Trust- From D. Gray-Man

Favorite Food: unknown

Hobbies: reading, soccer, training with Shun, napping in the sunshine, gardening, brawling

Pets: Chicha, Soupy, Kiki, Nuff- odd little animals that are from a differet demension and became bonded with Amber while on Earth.

Pet Description(s):

Chicha- small silver fox with small lavender fairy wings, white paws and tipped tail with blue eyes and a lavender bandana around her neck

Soupy- small black kitten with small sapphire fairy wings, a curled tail, blue eyes and a pale blue ribbion around her neck

Kiki- small racoon with small emerald fairy wings, a fluffy tail, black paws and tipped tail, and a red ribbion around her neck

Nuff- small white wolf pup with small icy blue fairy wings, red paws, muzzel and tail with a pink bandana around her neck


(Not much known of early life)

Meeting LeonidasEdit

Amber found Leonidas alone in a park late at night, thinking he was lonely. She immediantly bonded with the bakugan because they were both black sheep in a herd of white. Once they had grown closer than any brawler and bakugan at the time, they began winning battle after battle because she doesn't even need to tell Leonidas what to do in a battle. Leonidas grew very attatched to Amber, appointing himself as her bodyguard and protector as long as he was able




Ax ValditorEdit

Other BakuganEdit

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