Final Fury is the season finale of Bakugan: New Vestroia. Here's just a predicted summary.


With the Alternative System ready, Spectra & Gus are trying to stop it. Fortunately, the Battle Brawlers, along with Hydron, arrive to help. Things get a little tough for the Battle Brawlers until Spectra unleashes new Battle Gear for Helios. With the amazing power of the Bakugan, Farbros and the Alternative System prove to be no match against the Resistance and is destroyed, while Professor Clay was watching the video file about Neathian and Gundalian Bakugan at war. Later Zenoheld, Spectra and ALL the Vexos (including Vestals, Bakugan, and even deceased) received a vision from a familiar figure telling them about their failure and now their new succesors will take care of.

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