Alex Chang
First Appearance
Chapter 6
Does he Brawl?
Has he Brawled?
With What Bakugan?
Alice's Lead Hydranoid
He brawled with Hydranoid without Alice's permission. This made Hydranoid get taken. In Book One he is a Minor Character but in Book Two he is one of th Main Characters.


Book OneEdit

In chapter 6 Dan finds him and tells him about bakugan. He then joins the fight to save them.

In chapter 8 Alex steals Alice's bakugan and Gauntlet, fights Mylene and Chellsea, loses and gets Hydranoid taken away.

In chapter 13 he and Jake destroy the whole Control Room. They also win a race.

In chapter 20 he borrows Runo's Saurus and brawls against Professor Clay with her,Mira, and Spectra.

Book TwoEdit

In chapter 1 he is one of people who wanted Spectra on the team.


Darkus Hydranoid ("Borrowed")

Darkus Mantris ("Borrowed")

Darkus Pythantus ("Borrowed")


Alex has only brawled a few times.

Person Outcome
Mylene & Chellsea (Tag with Marucho and Doe) Lose
(In a Race) Matt & Mylene (With Jake) Win
Professor Clay (Tag with Mira,Runo, and Spectra) Win

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