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In case you ask what HAPPENED today-It all started when my famous mom went on a world tour-she's a famous singer-and she allowed me a day in Pheonix, Arizona, with my friends, Raven and Cure. First, we went to a buffet for lunch, and then, we went to a gamestop, and then we went to the nearest skatepark and spent 3 hours there, and then, it was my mom's concert. And if you think it was horrible, it wasn't. All her songs are very gothic, and sound like death. They're quite awesome. During the concert, Raven and Cure decided to make a "Ladies' Show", which was actually them running out of the walk-in closet and shouting, "It's a Ladies' Show!". I had asked them if I could be in it, and they said, "It's a Ladies' Show, so no guys allowed." and I rolled my eyes and walked on like a jackalope. They're good friends, but sometimes they can be cukoo. After all, they ARE girls. So, why would some dude named Ajax, who is a GUY, of course, go ahead and befriend these two cukoo heads? Because THEY don't talk about BRAS, and my mom brings THAT up plenty of times. Plus, they share my interests-They like video games, skateboarding, and heavy metal music. We have a band-and we have names as a band-I keep my name, and Raven is Cassandra, and Cure is Helen of troy.

More later. Eevee.

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