"But I being poor have only my dreams.

I had spread my dreams under your feet.

Tread softly because you tread on my dreams."

- William Butler Yeats

Aethereal Kain [闇黒の使い魔 ケイン (Ankoku no Tsukaima Kein lit. Kain the Familiar of Darkness) ] is the evolved form of Kain, the Guardian Bakugan of Grammaton's Father.

The Sorcerer's Knight

Aethereal Kain

Aethereal Kain
闇黒の使い魔 ケイン
Ankoku no Tsukaima Kein
Base Power
1500 Gs
Known Evolutions
Kain (previous)
Brawling Partners

Mission GrammatonEdit

Aethereal Kain is Father's Guardian Bakugan since 20 years ago. Despite Kain's demonic appearance, he has a kind and gentle heart that desires the best for those he deem as his family. He easily suspects people that have extracurricular activies such as Genesis. Kain also implores the stealthiest methods to ensure the safety of Father and the truly faithful members of the Grammaton.

Abilities / BakuNano / Battle Gear / Bakugan Trap CompatibilityEdit

Basic Abilities

1. Dreadnought - Absorbs HP Damage as G Power

2. Windslayer - Puts up a defensive barrier that halves the damage of Ventus-attribute attacks for three turns.

3. Dark Matter - Heals 150 HP

4. Shadow Buster - Counters enemy attack. Effect may be activated anytime during the opponent's turn.

5. Reverse Dreadnought - Deducts G Power of opponent equal to the HP damage inflicted on player





Fusion Abilities

1. Demon Purge (After Malphas Sacrifice is activated) - Gathers and inflict all HP damage received from opponent minus damage inflicted on opponent.



Battle Gear / BakuNano/Bakugan Trap abilities

Gold Malphas

1. Dark Sabre - Equips Dark Sword Malphas

2. Fusion Ability: Malphas Sacrifice (Dark Sabre Active, Bakugan HP Negative) - Sacrifices the Demon Sword Malphas.


Antheus MichaelsEdit

Former Father of the Grammaton


Antheus Michaels (Gabriel Antheus vien'Mille)
ガブリエル アンテイス バン ミル
Gaburieru Anteisu ban Miru
21 (deceased)
Scientist of the Mephisto (former), Founder and First Father of the Order of Grammaton
Guardian Bakugan
Mercurius (evolved, deceased)

Professor Antheus Michaels is the Founder of the Order of Grammaton, biological Father of Protheus and the husband of Ethel. He was once a prominent scientist whose affiliated with the Mephisto Brotherhood.

Some 23 years ago, Antheus had believed his newborn son and wife were killed in the explosion that happened in Mephisto's Laboratories situated in Kappa City. Swearing vengeance against the Mephisto, Antheus left the organization and met up with the orphaned Yuri.

The two founded the Order of Grammaton with the intention of bringing about the downfall of the Mephisto. Three short years later; DIO, the Father of the Mephisto, found out Antheus' betrayal and his foundation of an opposing organization. DIO orders his men to search and execute Antheus.

Antheus was soon found by the forces DIO had sent. During the interrogation, Antheus never denied that he founded the Order of Grammaton. He, however, choose death rather than to reveal anyone else that is affiliated with the Grammaton. With this, a Mephisto scientist threw a Vestal Deathball in the close proximity of the tortured Antheus. Antheus bid Yuri, the latter whom he helped escape earlier, to become the Father of the Order of Grammaton.

Yuri, unable to accept losing another Father, uses his dark powers to capture the soul of Antheus. Antheus' body was absorbed by the vortex unleashed by the Vestal Deathball but his soul remained with Yuri. Yuri then renamed Antheus' soul as Kain in association to a Biblical Character who betrayed his "brother" but sought the path of true redemption. Kain felt deep gratitude to his foster son for saving his soul from damnation. Under his loyal servitude to Yuri, Kain had evolved to Aethereal Kain a few years later.

Kain has bleak memories of his past life as Antheus Michaels. He still believes that his son and wife are already dead. This is despite that Protheus already affiliated himself with the Order of Grammaton. Kain always looks at Protheus as someone who coincidentially shares the same given name, family name and age as his late son.


- Despite being named Kain, he is not related to Crusader Abel.

- Due to his loyalty to Father, Kain is sometimes referred to as the Sorcerer's Knight [けんじゃのきし (Kenja no Kishi, homophone/pun of Kenja no Kishi or "Philosopher's Stone"); a title which was popularized in Final Fantasy VIII.

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