Abyss RadizenEdit

Abyss Radizen is the guardian Bakugan of Marucho Marakura in Bakugan Superior Masters. His Ultimate Battle System is Abyss Andromeda. His power level is 1400 gs.


Abyss Radizen evolved form of Radizen. He has great strength and is able to create water cyclones by spinning his body fast enough.


Bakugan Superior MastersEdit

Ability CardsEdit

  • Luster Cyclone: + 900 gs
  • Abbysal twister: - 900 + 900
  • Slam Guns: + 800
  • Teal Beam: Nullifies Gate card and ability cards
  • Hyperious Beam: + 900 and nullifies the opponents ability
  • Armor Infinity: Shuts down the opponents ability and brings the opponents power level back to its base number


  • Most of his abilities nullifie other abilities.

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